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Roseann B. Termini, B.S., Ed. M., J.D. has over thirty years of extensive experience in food and drug law. These 12 volumes, all contained in this new upcoming ninth edition, emanate from her comprehensive food and drug regulatory law books. Ms. Termini has frequently presented food and drug law topics as a featured speaker. Further, she has published a broad array of specialized food, drug and related law issues such as corporate accountability, criminal liability, enforcement, health claims, supplements, product classification, personal care products, safety, duty to warn, preemption, regulation, promotion, tobacco, stem cells, risk assessment and globalization. She was the first awardee of the Plain English Award. Expertise entails an appellate clerkship, sole corporate counsel, regulatory attorney, and senior deputy attorney general. Ms. Termini initiated the inaugural online food and drug law courses at Widener University School of Law and direct-to-consumer promotion at St. Joseph’s University executive program. Other expertise includes John Hopkins, the University of Georgia, Drexel and Temple Universities and Dickinson Law School. Besides her professional association committee appointments including Vice Chair of Health Law, Board member of the St. Thomas More Law Society, she served on the President’s Council at Immaculata University; served as Food and Drug Law Institute Committee Chair, and is a member of the Central Atlantic Association of Food and Drug Law Officials.

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