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Print Book! New Ed. for 2022!!

This Food and Drug Law comprehensive “Go to Resource”  new edition book contains all 12 Books with up to date information to provide a roadmap for those in this complicated field of law. Covers FDA and beyond. This valuable “All-in-One” reference tool is for government, industry and the academic community. 

Book I: The “Why” of the United States Food and Drug Administration, Landmark Laws and Court Decisions
Book II: Food and Drug Law Administrative Primer
Book III: Criminal and Civil Enforcement Strategies
Book IV: Medical Device and Radiation Emitting Products Regulation
Book V: Human Drug Regulation–Approvals, Promotion, Marketing, Warnings, Accountability, and Postmarket Surveillance
Book VI: Biotechnology and Biologic Products Regulation
Book VII: Veterinary Products Regulation
Book VIII: Personal Care Products Regulation
Book IX: Food Regulation—Food Safety, Recalls, Claims, Additives, Allergens, and Biotechnology
Book X: Dietary Supplement, Herbs, and Botanicals Regulation
Book XI: Tobacco Products Regulation
Book XII: Product Classification, Politics, Foreign Corrupt Practices and Globalization

Food and Drug Law is also available as 12 separate subject-specific E-Books.

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